The King of Treasues arcade machines come with many different types of input and output configurations. These configurations allow operators to choose the options that best suit their location and market, for a more profound impact on their business. The different configurations are included in the table below and operators can incorporate as many or as few of these as they like. For more inforamtion about these configurations and what might work best for your location, you can contact our friendly sales staff to day.

key1  key-2

Key In / Key Out

This is a low cost and simple configuration option for operators. An operator will “key in” (with a key) on every machine or terminal that has this option in order to allow players to play and add credits. When the player has finished the game, the operator will “key out” (with a key) to end the session and the player can collect their points. This is suited for low end machines or machines that have low traffic / income.

coin hoppe1

Coin In / Hopper Out

This is a common configuration option suited for low value games and is also known as “Coin In/ Coin Out”. This option entails players inserting coins in order to begin the game. Once the player has finished the game, the hopper will distribute coins according to the amount the money won during the game, for instance if the player won $20 the hopper will distribute eighty 25c pieces to the player. This is most appropriate for machines that have low winning potential due to its convenience and usability.

ticket1 ticket-2

Coin In / Ticket Redemption

This option is normally used for prize redemption in arcade centres where players can redeem their tickets for gifts and prizes.This option involves players inserting coins to commence their game and once the game is completed they are presented with tickets reflecting the amount of points won during the game.For example, if a player earned 50 points during a game, they will be given 50 tickets.These tickets can then be redeemed for prizes or gifts.

 bill  printer

Bill Acceptor / Thermal Printer

This option is most profitable for gaming machines that have a high earning potential.It involves players inserting notes in order to play the machine.Once the player has finished their game, they are presented with a print out of the amount of points or money won during the game.This print out can then be redeemed for prizes or money depending on your venue.

 portal  card

PlayPortal Cashless Card System

This is an innovative ‘tap and play’ cashless system. Players are able to load credits onto a PlayPortal Card, then the player taps this card onto a PlayPortal Card reader installed on an arcade or gaming machine in order to pay for play. Once the player has finished the game, the amounts of points won are stored on the PlayPortal Card. When the player has finished their session/game, they can use the points on their card to redeem prizes or money. This system is suitable for both arcade and gaming venues due to its versatility and adaptability. The PlayPortal Cashless Card System can be used on ANY arcade machine.