The King of Treasures arcade machines are available in 6 Player Deluxe cabinets, 8 player Deluxe cabinets or Upgrade Kits. The King of Treasures video redemption game is an English version game and are made of a higher quality to the various copy products you’ll find in the market. All our cabinets use premium parts in a high end and durable cabinet, and use the highest standard software. The English version King of Treasures games have more operator functions and has proven success in a variety of locations around the world.


King of Treasures
The King of Treasures 

A 6-8 player game in a cabinet that uses an orange/yellow color scheme and oceanic theme for the cabinet art. It also features bright LED lighting to make this cabinet stand out in any location. This arcade game is perfect for smaller or busy locations looking to increase their revenue, and it is available with a number of input and output options for operators to choose from and customize the cabinet to their location.


King of TreasuresThe King of Treasures Plus

A mulitplayer upgraded version, which introduces a new character, Fire Dragon, and a new weapon, the Homing Missile Gun. It also have a number of operational setting changes to increase player engagement and location revenue, including in creased Bullet Reflection function and new vending/profit sharing version available.


King of TreasuresThe King of Treasures Plus Upgrade Kit

The King of Treasures Plus Upgrade Kit allows operators to take their 6 or 8 player fish hunter game and upgrade it to the latest release game. The number of players is adjustable via the settings options and the game itself is built upon the phenomenal success of its’ predecessor. Aside from updated operational settings for imporved game play and revenue, the game also features the new Fire Dragon character and Homing Missile gun!