The King of Treasures spare parts are listed below. The arcade machines will get a lot of play, and that can result in regular wear and tear damage or the occasional part replacement. Our team has made it easy for operators, should their machine get damaged or they find a faulty piece or are just looking to upgrade to the latest game in the series. We have a range of spare parts specific to the King of Treasures arcade machines to get your machine up and running again. These spare parts can include buttons, boards, wiring, joysticks, printers, hoppers, and much more!




‘SHOOT’ Button (Large) for Fish Machine

This Large ‘SHOOT’ Button is suitable for the King of Treasures arcade machines, among other fish game machines available. Simple to replace in any King of Treasures machine and available now!


Bubble Ball Top Joystick for Fish Machine

This Bubble Ball Top Joystick is made for the King of Treasures arcade machines and other fish game machines. Featuring a 45mm Clear Bubble Ball Top, Mounting Plate and Connection Harness, these joysticks are distinctive in look and easy to replace! Plus, it features a restrictor plate tow switch the joystick movement between 2 way, 4 way and 8 way direction. Simple to replace in any King of Treasures machine and available now!


‘WEAPON’ Change Button for Fish Machine

The Weapon Change button is a smaller that sits on the control panel next to the ‘SHOOT’ button. The button is easy to replace in any King of Treasures arcade machine and is available now!


Coin Hopper for Fish Machine

The Coin Hopper holds the coins that are immediately available for payouts and has eight holes, making it perfect for the King of Treasures arcade machines. How the coin hopper works as a mechanical device is that it will hold coins until a pre-set coin capacity is reached, then it will start to drop coins into the “drop bucket” or “drop box”. When a player hits the payout button, the hopper rotates coins into the tray to payout.


Ocean King 55 Inch Monitor for Fish Machines

This 55 Inch LCD Monitor is a High Definition LCD monitor made for King of Treasures arcade machines. The 3D rendered graphics in King of Treasures offer highly detailed scenery on the LCD panel, and creates and immersive gaming experience for players to enjoy! Available now!


Bill Acceptor for Fish Machines

The bill acceptor offers operators an alternative input option that might be more suited to their location. Equip the bill acceptor into your King of Treasures arcade machines to give players more input options and more opportunities to play! Easy to install and available now!


Power Supply for Fish Machines

If you find that your power supply is faulty and needs replacment from damage or being worn out, this power supply is a perfecy match for the King of Treasures Arcade Machine. Easily to reaplce and available now!


Thermal Printer for Fish Machines

This Thermal Printer is another alternative output option, that uses thermal technology to print tickets (as opposed to ink based technology). What is really great about this part is it will save you money on ticket material and tokens, etc. as players receive one printed ticket with their payout amount on it. Simple and easy to modernise your King of Treasure arcade machine – available now!


Ticket Dispenser for Fish Machines

The ticket dispenser can be installed in your King of Treasures arcade machine easily, and is an alternative output option for operators who like to use redeemable tickets to customise the machine to their locations. Ticket dispensers are great for a wide range of locations, including street locations and Family Entertainment Centres, and are available now!


Play Portal Software for Fish Machines

Play Portal is a management and operational software and card reading system. I can quickly and easily be installed into your King of Treasures arcade machine, and allows operators to manage each of their machines in a simple and straight forward e-payment system that is unique to your location! It can even be used across multiple locations with one system! The Play Portal Software is available now, contact our sales team for more information!


King of Treasures Plus Upgrade Kit

King of Treasures Plus Coming Soon!

If you need help with your machine or locating King of Treasures spare parts, or are having technical issues or need to source a replacement, please inquire with our friendly staff today about any parts or pieces you may need in order to get your machine working like it did the day it arrived! You can contact us at our Australian office or via the sales email provided on the Contact Us page.